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Whether you are an experienced security professional or an executive with security responsibilities but without extensive security experience:

Risk Decisions can assist you in making informed security program choices by assisting you in:

  • Conducting security program risk and vulnerability assessments;
  • Developing and conducting security program testing to provide you with information regarding how well your program is meeting protection objectives;
  • Conducting independent program assessments/inspections;
  • Assisting in developing operating procedures;
  • Assisting in selecting equipment or service providers.
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Identifying, evaluating and managing security risks and vulnerabilities is a difficult but increasingly necessary task for executives in all venues, corporate, non-profit and government. Determining the effectiveness of existing security strategies and ensuring they are performing to the level necessary to mitigate security vulnerabilities requires significant attention to details and periodic testing.
Risk Decisions is an independent, non-product affiliated security program management consulting firm specializing in identifying, and assessing security risks and implementing cost-effective security programs for corporate, non-profit and government clients.